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UI glass test #1

After several false starts and trips back to the drawing board, I’ve had a breakthrough in my UI tests.

It was a discussion with Nin last night that cracked it, where we tossed away a RenderToTexture overlay test due to performance issues. I was about to fall back to either a 2D Canvas ··· Read this post >>

UI prototyping thoughts

I apologize in advance for bitching about this stupid cold that’s been mushing up my brain.

I’m trying to develop the essentials of a UI for 4thWall Awareon. My original thought for the UI was “simple, clean and stylish”. Oh that sounds so easy, even when my foggy··· Read this post >>

Prototype 1 wrap-up

In the next few days I’ll be putting the wraps on our first prototype. Here is a recap / post-mortem, before we start on our next stage.

This prototype took longer than originally expected, but these things usually do. We’ve also changed directions on marketing and won’t··· Read this post >>

Stealth game expectations

When I say “Stealth game”, what sort of actions, content and gameplay do you expect?

When our team decided on making a stealth game, I worried if we were treading too-familiar ground. I have some very strong opinions about what makes for great stealth and I have some clear favourites··· Read this post >>


In writing the script for our project’s dialogue, I’ve run into a bit of a conundrum: Do I include language that might be deemed as harsh, perverse or offensive to some?

··· Read this post >>

New Year update

We’ve been quietly working away on 4thWall Awareon since the New Year. By “we” I mostly mean myself and Nin, who’s been hella productive for what little spare time he has. Our internal prototype is showing promise. As Jim predicted for January, it’s “something··· Read this post >>


On this festive workday (for me anyway), I believe I may have created self-aware lights. I will leave you guessing as to what that means.

Also: I baked cookies.··· Read this post >>

/dev/log/ Video #1

I just posted my first “/dev/log” video. My first few attempts were overdone, which explains the delay.

··· Read this post >>


Art (concept art)

I know I promised a video dev log this week and I still plan to get to it (as soon as I settle on my format)– but while you’re waiting, here’s another nugget of concept art to chew on.

Meet Art, an advanced AI robot who is central to our main storyline and serves as our main character’s··· Read this post >>


Wall-Hugging prototype

Sometimes prototyping reaffirms my perspective on design and sometimes I’m contradicted.

Awhile ago, while our team was discussing plans, I’d said I didn’t want a cover system. My reasons were several, all of which are still valid.

Instead, I wanted a simple wall-hugging··· Read this post >>


AnimTree test

Just a quick snapshot of a section of my AnimTree in our current prototype to demonstrate the blending by speed concept. Posting this for other UDK devs that were curious.··· Read this post >>

3rd person camera

I’m working on our camera & related controls.

It feels great to have learned enough of UDK & UnrealScript to get my hands dirty and actually make something now. It feels even better to be able to create my idea of the perfect 3rd-person camera exactly how I’d like it ··· Read this post >>