Website Relaunch

Welcome to the “relaunched” 4thWall website @ (Note: now relaunched again as the Awareon website).

By relaunched, we mean that we’ve finally synced content with Rog’s 4thWall dev posts (Note: Now search for Awareon dev post). ··· Read this post >>

Bot - Cargo Loader Bot

Bot – Cargo Loader (concept art)

Good Monday Morning folks. I’m going to start the week off by posting some art from +John Amor. Here’s the third bot in this series of concepts.

I believe that every society could be graded by their ability to move cargo around. We have the modern forklift, Ripley has her infamous··· Read this post >>

Bot - Cleaner Bot

Bot – Cleaner Bot (concept art)

Here’s the 2nd item in a series of concept robots from +John Amor that we’ve commissioned for 4thWall Awareon. All of these will be non-humanoid robots in an industrial-design style that I’ve requested.

This particular bot is akin to a street-cleaner. It patrols down··· Read this post >>

UDK 2012-07-19 01-03-49-43

Blender testing

Some quick testing with basic meshes created in Blender and put to use within UDK. I always find soft greys to be pleasing to my eyes. Right now I’m putting together a set of slabs, panels and blocks, so I can assemble levels to quickly test gameplay flow.

No, the entire 4thWall Awareon··· Read this post >>

UDK 2012-07-17 16-48-17-07

Return to Blender

I messed up my hand, aggravating an old injury. Soooooo I’m going to concentrate on level-design for the next week or two while I take a break from coding. Which means—


I was using SketchUp for quick prototyping and I’d still recommend it for that purpose, except··· Read this post >>

Bot - Centrifuge Climber

Bot – Centrifuge Climber (concept art)

The 4thWall Awareon story revolves around a conflict between a faction of Robot-creators versus a faction that are opposed to Robots. A central compromise between these two factions: Robots should be designed as non-humanoid, utilitarian machines.

I requested another round of concept··· Read this post >>

Dev Summary for July 2012

It’s been almost a month since our last recap, so we’re overdue. It’s been a busy summer for the 4thWall Awareon crew so far.

Nelg has revamped his home DYI motion-capture setup, adding dual Kinects to his setup.··· Read this post >>

Forever searching…

I should just bookmark a URL that automatically adds “UnrealScript” to all of my Google searches.

Search of the moment?··· Read this post >>


The little things that get missed sometimes while using an engine with a large included codebase:

I don’t know how I glazed over UDK’s native breadcrumb system. I’ve already implemented my own, so now I’m torn over which to use. Probably a hybrid of the two.

In other··· Read this post >>

4thWall logo reboot mockup

I’d like to reboot our 4thWall logo (Note: Now replaced by the Awareon logo). I’m pretty set on a 3D logo of some sort, so I can place it directly into our game-world. I’ve sold myself on this new concept, I like it a lot better than my previous pseudo-3D Photoshop hack (which wasn’t meant to stick as a logo, but hey you work with what you have, right?).

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First mocap test

It’s not much, but here’s the output of Nelg’s first mocap test using his new dual-Kinect setup and iPi Soft’s “Desktop Motion Capture” software.

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Software Engineering

This week I thought I was stuck on navigation / pathfinding, but the truth is I’ve mostly solved it. I’m now trying to fully grok the logic related to UnrealScript’s Pawn-Controller “State” programming paradigm, which I previously felt I was familiar ··· Read this post >>