This is a great reference: Includification in Game Development. I am making a checklist where changes would be appropriate for Awareon without compromising gameplay. The mobility section is especially important to me.

I have a relatively minor disability (it doesn’t feel minor··· Read this post >>

Web integration

So now that I’m back into directly coding web-dev support for Awareon, I have an impulse to integrate more than just logins with the game.

I’m keen on using the game environment for social interactions, beyond just combat. My old Gates Motel game had a “spraypaint”··· Read this post >>

Web shift

Warning: Boring web-dev stuff and bland benchmarks ahead:

A forest-thru-the-trees moment hit me yesterday. I was in that page editing cadence of | tinker / refresh | tinker / refresh | tinker / refresh | leveraging the page reload moments to reflect on my tinkering changes, when I realized··· Read this post >>

4thWall is now Awareon

Our 4thWall project has changed names to Awareon, effective immediately.

“Amongst the Nor there are two classifications of robots: Automata and Apparata, but now they have created a new kind of robot: The Awareon.”

Why the change? Well we’ve had some concerns over ··· Read this post >>

The highs and lows of web-development

Once upon a time I was a web-monkey and system-admin-monkey and I loved it, but that love eventually turned into a loathing I could not escape. It creeped into every job I took, whether for game design, journalism, or banking server babysitting (not the official job title). I still have some··· Read this post >>


Jamb (concept art)

Jamb is a high-ranking Security officer within the Caretaker faction. He’s a notable factor in the plot, being the mysterious bad-guy sort. He oversees security operations that directly affect our player-character Char.

Jamb is also our little attempt to capture the personality··· Read this post >>

Heavy Hats & Pipelines

I’m feeling the weight of so many hats. We’re trying to get our current 4thWall Awareon prototype into some sort of playable state. That’s mostly code-centric, but I’ve pushed myself into environment modelling because I’d like to resolve that content··· Read this post >>

Blurb Spoilers?

Several of my readers have asked me to reveal more of the 4thWall Awareon story. I’ve been avoiding blurbs because I’m not as confident at writing copy as I am at storytelling through the game.

Am I worried about spoilers? Not from a plot perspective, but from a quality point of··· Read this post >>

Observing Gameplay

I hope you like being a voyeur. I know I do. I like to observe.

Our 4thWall Awareon core gameplay will consist of two parts: Stealth & Escape. Goals will be observation-driven: Get in, get out; follow and witness; overhear conversations; discover evidence; determine who your allies··· Read this post >>


Logo and website updates

I was pleased enough with my logo mockups to choose one to replace the 4thWall logo (note: now replaced again with the Awareon logo).

I recreated the logo in Blender from the original mockups. What you see here is a direct render from Marmoset Toolbag, using default shading. It doesn’t··· Read this post >>

What’s with the 4thWall name?

Back when Nelg and I were mod fiddling, I read a post on PlanetPhilip that asked “Would you like to see a mod break the fourth wall?” As the comments on that post relay: There are many games that already break the fourth wall, but usually for comedic (or clever chuckle) effect.

I ··· Read this post >>

Steam trades to give away

So I have a small handful of games I can gift / trade / give away on Steam. I figured I should do some shameless self-promotion at the same time. Here are the games I have up for grabs:

Defense Grid with all of the DLC
Left 4 Dead 2
Half-Life 2
The Ship

So if you want one of these, just··· Read this post >>