It works in reverse

So my latest Unity3D “eureka!” moment that’s a “well duh” for the more experienced: Turn off components by default in the interface, then turn them on in code as needed, rather than the other way around.

I decided to grapple with Unity’s networking··· Read this post >>


Scaling for Shadows

“Solve at least one thing each day” – I’m back to this mantra, now that I’ve had a bit of time to absorb the basics of Unity3D development. Today’s minutiae:

I’ve been struggling with real-time shadows in Unity. Even the highest settings look··· Read this post >>

Deferred Rendering with Unity3D?

Awareon has specific lighting needs as a stealth game. Our migration to the Unity engine solves some problems, but presents a few more.

Deferred Rendering versus Forward Rendering is the big question.

I’d be happy to hear from any shader experts out there. I’m trying to get ··· Read this post >>


NorShip concept art: Habitat section

#SciFi is trending on G+, so this is a good time for some Awareon concept art teasing. Here’s the habitat portion of the NorShip as visualized by John Amor.

I’ll post more concepts of the NorShip later, along with a full perspective view that will include the solar sail.

On the ··· Read this post >>

Ultimate FPS Camera?

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Unity 4 Pro (beta)

There we go. Installed. Authorized. Ready for input.

I have a whole lotta work to do.

. . .
You need coolin’, baby I’m not foolin’
I’m gonna send you back to schoolin’
Way down inside, honey you need it
I’m gonna give you my love
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Awareon will use Unity 4

The Awareon team is migrating from UDK to Unity3D for game development.

The biggest factor on the decision was C#, which I’ve been learning for our launcher / patcher. Using the same language for the game would be damn nice.

That’s for me: I’ve been growing more into the··· Read this post >>

ProBuilder for Unity

ProBuilder for Unity is diabolically awesome. Grey-boxing goodness.

One of my laments of modern level-design is the environmental tools keep getting better, but gameplay-focused level-design tools have stagnated. ProBuilder revives BSP-style tools, without the actual constraints··· Read this post >>

Learning C#

I’m biting the bullet and going to learn C#, which I’ve been wanting to dig into for awhile. I have a practical reason / motivation: On the Awareon team we’ve decided a patcher / launcher for the game is something I need to make. An actual project is always a good push for me··· Read this post >>

Data-backend. Lots to do, little to talk about

Damn. I’m getting lots done on this data-backend for Awareon, but it just isn’t as sexy to talk about as far as game development goes. Once it connects to actual features though. . .

The past two days for instance: I’ve been designing the framework for alpha, beta and launch··· Read this post >>


QR code implementation

I’m playing around with QR code generation, as a method of second-screen interaction for Awareon.

Within the game QR codes may appear in key locations which will contain text or links back to the community website. Players can choose related interactions either in-game, or move ··· Read this post >>

One of those reboots

Nelg, Nin and I had a productive meeting yesterday, marking the anniversary of our initial plans for 4thWall (now Awareon). For various reasons we’ve all had to recuperate and regroup these past few weeks. For myself I’ve been feeling overwhelmed both on personal matters ··· Read this post >>