Up til now: A learning experience

It was just over a year ago, when Nelg and I discussed creating a “stealth mod” for Half-Life 2. We were between MMORPGs and our crafting itch had set in, so we decided to make something other than new leather jerkins.

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Logo v1

Here’s my first attempt at a 3D-ish logo for 4thWall (note: now Awareon). I’m not much of an artist, so this is just me poking around in Photoshop to give our 3D guy an idea of something I want. I figured it wouldn’t hurt to share for feedback, etc..

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All Art is Theft

Someone asked me if I was ever worried about theft of my design ideas. I used to be. It took me a long while to realize that ideas were common and implementation is hard, but still that’s not the full answer.

I think the concept of theft of ideas is bogus. Or perhaps “All Art is Theft”.··· Read this post >>

Considering Crosshairs

Are crosshairs psychologically comforting?

I saw an article link about this topic recently, but I can’t find it now (if you have it, please let me know) and I’m bound to repeat some of the observations.

I’m currently working on basic HUD elements for our stealth game (··· Read this post >>