Char AO bake

I love ambient occlusion bakes. They look so fresh, like the first snow of winter.

This bake makes Char’s eyes look creepy, but I rather like it. This is just a preview and our 3D artist points out that it needs lots of touching up. There’s enough charm in this image though, that ··· Read this post >>


WIP Char sculpt #3

Another update on the sculpt of Char work-in-progress.

I know it’s the third in a row and I don’t want to flood these, but I think our 3D freelancer has got the right face for Char here. I’m pleased as punch. =)

This is a default sculpt pose and doesn’t show much for expression··· Read this post >>


WIP Char sculpt #2

Here’s a WIP update to Char in ZBrush from our freelance 3D artist (whom I’ll post more about when the Char model is closer to finished). As you can see, there’s a lot more detail in regards to clothing, etc..

I’d like to mention a key difference from our source concept··· Read this post >>


WIP peek at Char

As promised, here’s a WIP peek at the 3D characterization of Char, our main protagonist / player-character for 4thWall Awareon. This is a screenshot of Char’s sculpt in ZBrush.

Her facial features have already changed from this image, since our freelance 3D artist works fast.··· Read this post >>

Char (expression studies)

Char facial expressions (concept art)

Here are the facial expressions that John Amor has cooked up for our Char character. These will be used to assist face rigging and posing later on for the game model. Actually, the top pose has already been good help to our 3d modeller during the sculpt process.

John is freelancing as a concept··· Read this post >>

Bard (expression studies)

Bard facial expressions (concept art)

Here are the facial expressions that John Amor has now sent us for concept art to go along with the model poses of our character Bard (see this previous Google+ post: ).

I think John’s work speaks for itself here.··· Read this post >>


Char (concept art)

Meet Char. She’s our player-character protagonist, so this bit of art is rather defining to our game as a whole. My team has fallen in love with this sketch in particular, so I’m pleased to show it here.

Char is a member of the “Engineers” faction of our game. She’s··· Read this post >>

Security (turnaround)

Security Officer (concept art)

Here’s another piece of concept art for public consumption. I’ve included the full model sheet this time.

Meet the Security Officer, which represents the main antagonist type at the beginning of the 4thWall story & gameplay. These are the guards which the player must··· Read this post >>


Bard (concept art)

4thWall Awareon character concepts were designed by descriptions from Rog and art by John Amor, whom is freelancing for the 4thWall Awareon project. We love John’s work and he’s nailed our requested style perfectly. If you’re looking for a freelance comic book / style··· Read this post >>

Whiteboard Notes_01 Sept 16th

WIP Whiteboard Notes

Snaps from our whiteboard during a 4thWall Awareon dev meeting last week (Sept 16th).

We sorted out our graphics pipeline and then discussed the difference between features for prototypes. Basically a roadmap meeting for how do we get there, from here.

Please excuse my barely legible scribblings.··· Read this post >>

Wearing multiple hats

I’m starting to get the hang of this multiple hats thing.

Usually when I want to get a project done, it’s either:

  1. I lock myself into a room and obsessively focus on one sole aspect, then I come out for a breather and back in for the next aspect until I get it done. Solitary single-mindedness.
  2. ··· Read this post >>


Colour Scheme v1

Our colour scheme for Awareon may give you a little insight into our storyline for the game, or at least the 3 main factions that the storyline will follow.

**mild spoilers below**··· Read this post >>