Frequently Asked Questions about Awareon the game:

Q: Is Awareon still in development?

  • A: Not currently. Awareon development is on hold. It may return, it may not.

Q: What sort of game is Awareon?

  • A: At its core, Awareon is a stealth / escape game. It’s also a game of espionage and exploration, taking place within a persistent world.

Q: A persistent world? Is this an online game?

  • A: Awareon is primarily a single-player game, but will also have drop-in multiplayer for co-op and adversarial gameplay. Up to 3 players are planned at this stage.

Q: What sort of perspective is Awareon played in?

  • A: Awareon is a 3rd-person game. The camera will follow behind the player’s character.

Q: When will Awareon be released?

  • A: We do not have an ETA for the full game, but we may be releasing a prototype or demo along the way. Stay tuned.

Q: What platforms will Awareon be available on?

  • A: PC (Windows) is our target. We also hope to release on Mac and Linux. We’re a very small indie team, so it all depends on our resources for development and testing, plus support from the engine we are using (Unity3D). Note: We are not planning mobile versions of Awareon at this time.

Q: Will Awareon be available on Steam?

  • A: We would like to get onto Steam, but that’s a process we haven’t yet undertaken. We’re Valve fans ourselves, so we’d be happy to place our game there. We will also be considering other digital distributions (Desura, etc.). Nothing official to announce yet though.

Q: How much will Awareon cost?

  • A: We have not set a price point yet, although it’s safe to assume it will be under $20 for the main release of the game.

Q: Will Awareon be using DirectX 11?

  • A: We are developing primarily with DirectX 9 as a target to reach the widest audience, but an optional DirectX 11 version may be possible.

Q: Will there be a Kickstarter project campaign for Awareon?

  • A: We have no plans yet for a Kickstarter campaign, although that may change depending on what our fanbase wants. Also, we are in Canada and Kickstarter does not support Canadian projects directly, so we would need an American partner to host a project on Kickstarter.

Q: The first Awareon chapter won’t include combat? Is this some sort of anti-violence game?

  • A: Our first chapter will be focused on stealth gameplay with options other than combat. This isn’t meant to be any sort of preachy message, it’s just a different approach from most 3rd-person games. Combat will eventually become an option, but we want an experience that allows the player to weigh all of their options, including non-combat and non-lethal solutions. Many games begin with combat, ours does not.

Q: Wasn’t this called 4thWall? Will the game still break the fourth wall?

  • A: We decided that the game needed a more distinct name. However, Char (our main character) still has extra-perception abilities. Most of what can be found in this post is still true: What’s with the 4thWall name?