“I love deadlines. I like the whooshing sound they make as they go by.” ~Douglas Adams.

I’ve been stumbling my way through Project Management so far.

I’m good at collaborating, but usually as one of two people, or as a member of someone else’s team. So thinking··· Read this post >>


SketchUp + FBX exporter

Sketchup + FBX exporter = quick UDK level prototyping tool.

Typically UnrealED’s BSP brushes are used to quickly block out levels, but I’m terribly slow at manipulating them into even the most basic shapes. I’m accustomed to Hammer’s brush-work tools, which··· Read this post >>


Security (male) complete

Eugene Ivanov, (our 3D freelancer) has completed our male Security mob character. The difference in materials here from my previous images are subtle, but getting them just right was time consuming.

What you cannot see here is the additions to rigging & morphs / blendshapes, so that··· Read this post >>


Security diffuse WIP

Here’s an update on the work-in-progress on our male Security guard. The materials are incomplete as far as texture goes. This is mainly to illustrate the placement of colours.

Our 3D character freelancer ( Eugene Ivanov : website: ) followed··· Read this post >>


Security AO bake

Here is the ambient occlusion bake for our Security Guard. This ZBrush sculpt model is more / less complete and our 3D freelancer (Eugene Ivanov) is moving onto creating the textures, starting with the AO seen here which he will use to paint the diffuse (colour) texture.

These Security Guards··· Read this post >>


Char model-complete

Now that Char is model-complete (she still needs to be posed and animated, which will take us awhile), I’m happy to reveal that Eugene Ivanov is the freelancer that’s been bringing her into 3D from +John Amor ‘s concept art.

Eugene has been great to work with so far. We have··· Read this post >>


Security sculpt WIP

Here is an early sculpt pass on our standard Security mob type.

The gloves and boots are incomplete, but the rest of the work here is almost ready for re-topology. Our 3D freelancer has been working quickly, he went through several iterations today until we settled on this variation.

We have··· Read this post >>

Pneumatic Tube

We had a pneumatic tube message system at a place I worked (VGH) when I was younger. It was the coolest retro (damn near Steampunk) thing I’d seen. Placing messages and items into a glass tube bound in leather & brass casing, then watching the tube zip off with a pop and a hiss.

I’ve··· Read this post >>

Char turntable preview

Just a quick turntable preview of Char (in Marmoset). Excuse the rough edges here, I just re-installed Virtual Dub so there’s been no editing on this.

··· Read this post >>


Char headless sculpt

If you found my previous post disturbing due to the AO bake and blank eyes, I don’t know if this headless version of Char will help. =)

This is our 3D artist’s first pass on diffuse, with just simple lighting and a little shader work for her skin. The reason her head isn’t shown··· Read this post >>


Char AO bake

I love ambient occlusion bakes. They look so fresh, like the first snow of winter.

This bake makes Char’s eyes look creepy, but I rather like it. This is just a preview and our 3D artist points out that it needs lots of touching up. There’s enough charm in this image though, that ··· Read this post >>


WIP Char sculpt #3

Another update on the sculpt of Char work-in-progress.

I know it’s the third in a row and I don’t want to flood these, but I think our 3D freelancer has got the right face for Char here. I’m pleased as punch. =)

This is a default sculpt pose and doesn’t show much for expression··· Read this post >>