Some days…

And then some days I just spend the evening obsessing over fixing one annoying bug.

In this case: A silly replication mistake on my part where I wrote a Pawn’s PostBeginPlay() as a function rather than a Simulated Event. D’oh! Everything worked fine in single-player, but in ··· Read this post >>

Dev Summary for June 2012

I’ve made a 4thWall Awareon G+ “Page”. Actually I made it awhile ago, but starting today I’ll be updating it.

As per my plan: I’ll be posting regular / almost-daily dev updates here on my personal··· Read this post >>


SketchUp to UDK Volume | BSP

Following up on this topic: Here’s my attempt to make a UDK volume via 3D software (in my case SketchUp. I know! lame, eh?) This worked out better and easier than I expected.

  1. I made an object in SketchUp that I thought might screw up as a UDK brush. I exported that as a T3D (HardPCM’s
  2. ··· Read this post >>

UDK 2012-06-16 22-06-43-64

Bot stress test #1

Nelg and I ran a stress test with the 4thWall Awareon prototype today. At 350 AI-bots (on follow-pathfinding) the body jams really piled up. Still every once in awhile they managed to break free and the chase would get crazy for a bit. At below ~250 or so, individual behaviour was more evident.··· Read this post >>

Navigation bugs

Navigation bugs can be so bizarre and hard to track down, especially when combined with replication errors.

Nelg and I just ran into a problem where our 4thWall Awareon test bots got very confused in certain circumstances, but only in a Listen-server situation. Single-player bot pathing··· Read this post >>

Pathfinding ponderings

This week I’m discovering that pathfinding in UDK is far from a turnkey solution.

It sounds so easy to generate a navmesh. Just drop a Pylon onto a floor and Build Paths. With Recast added recently as an option, generation is really quick too, plus the meshes look fairly clean.

Except··· Read this post >>

AI coding

My testing for multiplayer / replication has progressed quicker than I thought it would. Now I can step into the next phase on this prototype: AI coding.

I’ve always held a deep respect for game-AI coders, so it feels a bit strange (and awesome!) to tread those waters myself. My personal-project··· Read this post >>

Multiplayer prototyping

One of the great things about being Indie is that I can experiment with features without worrying about them being perfect or proven. Taking risks is a plus.

Nelg, Nin and I are nuts for cooperative games, but we’d placed co-op thoughts on the backburner for 4thWall Awareon: a full co-op··· Read this post >>


Agency is the capacity of an agent (the player) to act in a world. Agency is also the impact the player has on the world, the changes of which belong to the player as their creator.

I think there’s a human compulsion to have an impact. To leave some sort of mark. In games, this relates to Romero’s··· Read this post >>

UDK 2012-02-29 07-57-15-22

UI glass test #2

Happy Leap-Day everyone! When I set aside Feb for working on our game’s UI, anyone and everyone I know who has anything to do with UI told me that was way too short. Of course they were right, although I meant this to be the first serious pass which will have many followups.

Even for a start··· Read this post >>

UDK 2012-02-19 09-12-13-78

UI glass test #1

After several false starts and trips back to the drawing board, I’ve had a breakthrough in my UI tests.

It was a discussion with Nin last night that cracked it, where we tossed away a RenderToTexture overlay test due to performance issues. I was about to fall back to either a 2D Canvas ··· Read this post >>

UI prototyping thoughts

I apologize in advance for bitching about this stupid cold that’s been mushing up my brain.

I’m trying to develop the essentials of a UI for 4thWall Awareon. My original thought for the UI was “simple, clean and stylish”. Oh that sounds so easy, even when my foggy··· Read this post >>