Modular compromise on the Art Pipeline

I like working within constraints. I often hear “work outside the box” and “think big” advice, but I like that box. I like exploring the inner regions of it, finding the walls and figuring out the corners so I don’t end up stuck in “Austin Powers”··· Read this post >>

So how about those Shaders?


Shaders then hmm? Shaders. Materials. Textures. Maps.


Well that’s how I’ve spent my morning so far.··· Read this post >>

A team of Three

Here’s a hearty shoutout to my workmates on the Awareon project: Nelg and Nin.

They’re doing amazing work, especially considering they’re both relatively new to game development. I haven’t highlighted much of their work here yet, but their hands will definitely··· Read this post >>


Tiling UVs

UV tiling and layering feels old-school clever, almost 8-bit clever. Such a simple thing to do, but it takes wrapping my head around unwraps first (oh dear, that sounds recursive).

I’ve not applied this concept much before, even though I’ve always admired it. I don’t··· Read this post >>


WIP model: Computing Station (continued)

Here are a couple more images of that computing station for anyone interested in my progress on this game asset. This is with ambient occlusion applied. The images have a bit of FOV distortion, but you can see the handlegrip controls that I’ve added since the previous image.

I still ··· Read this post >>


A WIP model: Computing Station

Awareon’s story revolves around a human-like race with a different history than our own. They’ve come up with different solutions to problems, sometimes more advanced, sometimes less. And sometimes they go in a completely different direction. That’s made environment··· Read this post >>


Ambient Occlusion in the pipeline

I don’t know why I bother frustrating myself with xNormal when I love the raytraced ambient occlusion bakes from Blender. Just because I’ve dropped Blender for most other purposes doesn’t mean I can’t load it up for this particular tool.

I’m utilizing ··· Read this post >>

Quiet overlap and pipelines, pipelines, pipelines

Awareon development has been progressing. I’ve been quiet here because I’m knee deep in learning new tools and sometimes that takes the same kind of energy I use for writing about our development.

Our switch to Unity3D started a few months back. All three core members of the ··· Read this post >>

A Mecanim Test

··· Read this post >>


Environment Planning

It’s time for me to wear an environment-design hat. Or at least get one fitted for my head.

I’ve just barely gotten up to speed with Unity, so I don’t have much gameplay code written for Awareon yet. We needed a sandbox to play within, so grey-boxing levels for testing has··· Read this post >>

SparkleShare as automated development versioning

SparkleShare just hit v0.96 and should be 1.0 soon. What is it?

It’s a Dropbox-alike running as a shell ontop of Git. Run your own cloud if you like.

Brilliant really. The last time I glanced in, it was still more concept than reality but now I’m happy to discover it’s quite··· Read this post >>

It works in reverse

So my latest Unity3D “eureka!” moment that’s a “well duh” for the more experienced: Turn off components by default in the interface, then turn them on in code as needed, rather than the other way around.

I decided to grapple with Unity’s networking··· Read this post >>