Home Office Development

Here’s my new home office, essentially the home of development for the Awareon project. Now that we’re comfortably moved in, this is the hub where I’ll do most of my work. Plus it works out well for a wee bit of LAN gaming as well.

The massive reception desk, with matching··· Read this post >>

2013 Prototyping Roadmap

I’m back on the case. Investigating this. Prototyping that.

You may have noticed from my lack of Awareon updates lately that I took an unannounced vacation. Michelle had some unplanned time off work, so the two of us have been distracted together with various activities (which ··· Read this post >>

Linux first test

My initial tests with a Linux version of our current Awareon prototype are a bit middle-of-the-road but I am pleased that it’s now working as “playable”.

RenderTexture doesn’t seem to work at all for my Linux test, at least not on the drivers I’m using for··· Read this post >>


Soooo A*?

Ahhh! An empty whiteboard. What does this mean? It’s not really a clean slate, more of a flip of a page because I need to concentrate with some white space. I’m venturing into structuring Awareon’s AI.

Sooooo: A*

Edit: I suppose I could be less vague. I’ve made many··· Read this post >>

Stable versioning

I’m trying to use a few tools in development that I could only describe as moving targets. These make me realize how much I appreciate projects that use the “stable version” paradigm for releases.

I get the philosophies behind agile programming and I strongly prefer ··· Read this post >>


Localization support

Making my own UI system from scratch sounded relatively easy until I started factoring in elements like multiple languages with special character / font support, text sizes, a variety of widgets, etc.. Still, I’m stubborn and sticking with it. I’ve just gotten a start on the··· Read this post >>

That’s one way to Save

Implement JSON for settings and save-game files? ✔ Check.··· Read this post >>

One Puzzle at a time

I’m back into that “solve one problem per day” mode with game development and it’s going quite well.

Some of the problems are larger than others, while others are more straightforward than at first they seem. Sometimes I solve many problems in one day, and every··· Read this post >>


UI Menu Teaser

I’m back working on Awareon’s UI again, which seems to be a yearly activity.

Here’s a teaser of the start menu. More info coming soonish.

Edit: Now is probably a good time to talk about the colour choices here. The teal is the default colour. “Play” is the most··· Read this post >>


Specular Conductivity + Cubemap shader

My specular “conductivity” shader for Unity3D is more / less complete.

These shader posts are odd. For non-devs they may seem like voodoo, but for the technical artists amongst my circles I’m sure these are obvious and simplistic examples.

An illustrative screenshot··· Read this post >>


Conductivity shader (WIP continued)

Charting my progress with my specular “conductivity” shader for Unity3D. I haven’t had too much time to add to it, but I have implemented the diffuse texture map to correctly read together with the mixed color for the final specular color.

Note the highlights on the copper··· Read this post >>


Specular Conductivity shader (WIP)

I really connected with the conductor | dielectric description of specularity in this article: so I decided to apply that principle to my first shader attempt.

I want to quickly adjust materials on simple models, without having to create a bunch of texture··· Read this post >>