Embracing the complexity

Oh hey, an _Awareon_ project update. =)

I’m back to a hella productive state, after an awkward year for our little dev team. Aside from different medical issues with both Nin and myself, there’s been that whole Life thing. Yeah, that “Because, Life” Indie cliche.

Nelg and I have been discussing significant changes to our game design: We’ve decided to embrace the complexity. There’s no getting around it, we’re not making a simple game. We might as well put in some of our holy grails.

Persistent server multiplayer. That’s the big ‘in.

Not an MMO (oh dear zeus, no), but a small server game where players can be anywhere on the map they choose to be. I’m aiming for ~16 concurrent players, but comfortable to play solo / single-player.

On that note: I’ve ditched the JSON save system and I’m setting up my schema for a full SQL database-driven persistent world system. I should have taken this direction in the first place, so feel free to mock my mistake. I’m very comfortable with SQL after years in web development, so I’ve hit the ground running.