dDo and Char and me

I’m just playing around in dDo, trying out some alternate textures & materials for our Char character. These are some default colours from the software that work out quite nicely, giving her a jeans & t-shirt sort of look. Once I get accustomed to the software I’ll throw in some wear-and-tear variations.

Her eyes are missing pupils & iris detail, which I’ll add later, but I wanted to show off the nice preview courtesy of Marmoset’s Skyshop.

I’m very pleased with the results, but unlike nDo2 (which benefits greatly from Photoshop integration), with dDo Photoshop begins to feel like an albatross. I’ve heard that Quixel may be working on a standalone version and if that’s the case then I’ll play around with the trial for a bit and then wait before making a purchase.