A .plan

Back in the late 90′s at Electric Playground, I’d start my Mondays with my tea + bagel and I’d catch up on the various .plan files from developers at id Software, Hipnotic / Ritual, etc.. The .plans were usually short work logs of folks who were just making things. The coolest things in the universe. I’d dick away another part of my day level-editing, and maybe getting some EP work done. Clearly those guys were more productive than I was.

When I started posting here about Awareon development, I planned all sorts of cool screenshots, videos and maybe an audio podcast or two. It turns out that stuff is almost as time-consuming as developing the game itself. I also disrupted my workflow this summer, with a physical move into a new home office, and I even took a (gasp!) lengthy vacation.

Yesterday I started a new set of project files, prepping for our vertical slice (alpha-ish). Maybe this would be a good time to change how I post. I never managed the polished promotional materials I’d been hoping for, and instead I ended up with a sort of log of progress. How about more of that? I’ll post often in bite-sized chunks, with an occasional meaty article. I’m not going to try to impress with every single post, instead I’ll just say what’s on my mind and what I’m working on. Keeping it simple.

So this would be my .plan file for today:

My whiteboard has been wiped clean again. In Unity I’ve imported my favourite level from our prototypes, to run a few lightmap tests. It’s kind of like stretching before going for a run. First day working on our vertical slice and I’m just easing myself into it.