2013 Prototyping Roadmap

I’m back on the case. Investigating this. Prototyping that.

You may have noticed from my lack of Awareon updates lately that I took an unannounced vacation. Michelle had some unplanned time off work, so the two of us have been distracted together with various activities (which for us means mostly games, hah).

Now I’m fiddling with TNet for Unity3D and trying to decide if it will be my networking library of choice (as opposed to Unity’s built-in RakNet networking). It seems pretty robust so far.

I’ve lost track of how many sub-prototypes we’ve made, so I restarted at #1 at the beginning of this year. Here’s our current roadmap:

  • The base network foundation (Prototype #4 for 2013)
  • AI pathfinding and AI scope (I’ll explain what “scope” means in this context later). (Prototype #5)
  • Merging the two above with Mecanim animations. (Prototype #6)
  • Our base stealth gameplay / dynamics. (Prototype #7, but really a re-factoring of an earlier prototype when we were using UDK)
  • Merging all of the prototypes (assuming they’re successful) and beginning serious world-building and refining of game types. This would be our intended “Pre-Alpha”.

I won’t set a strict time / date on these, but I’d be lying if I didn’t say I’m hoping to see us close to that Pre-Alpha by the end of the summer.

Why am I calling that step Pre-Alpha and not Alpha? I think of Alpha as ready for external testing. I intend to document our progress more closely for Pre-Alpha, but it will probably still be white-box + grey-box testing. Some sort of semi-public black-box testing I’ll reserve for full Alpha.

Of course, any sort of Alpha does not preclude more prototyping. We’ll always be prototyping something.