A WIP model: Computing Station

Awareon’s story revolves around a human-like race with a different history than our own. They’ve come up with different solutions to problems, sometimes more advanced, sometimes less. And sometimes they go in a completely different direction. That’s made environment design a lot of fun so far, but also a challenge.

As an example, here’s a quick start to a model I began today, of a computing station used by Nor Engineers.

When I was assembling my own standing desk, I thought about our history and how sitting for long lengths of time is a relatively recent phenomena. I decided that the Nor rarely sit (like the Romans?). That’s convenient for game development, because sitting animations don’t contribute much to gameplay.

So it’s a standing desk. The monitor is page-sized and somewhat close to the golden ratio. I haven’t added the input controls, but I’ve already nixed the idea of a keyboard + mouse equivalent. Touchscreens would be too glaringly trendy I think. I’ll probably replace the tray shape here with a sort of chording keyboard socket (glove controls? maybe).

This is a peek into my process, where design and modeling tend to merge. I’m trying to present our story through the environment as much as possible.