A team of Three

Here’s a hearty shoutout to my workmates on the Awareon project: Nelg and Nin.

They’re doing amazing work, especially considering they’re both relatively new to game development. I haven’t highlighted much of their work here yet, but their hands will definitely be seen on the final product.

I cannot think of anyone I’d want to work with on this game, more than these guys.

Nelg is currently digging into modeling (mainly with Silo) and while it’s not his usual element, he’s picking things up quickly. He also does all of our motion capturing (via iPiSoft), when he’s not busy with his day job. Nelg and I work together daily solving problems, so when you see my work presented here, it’s almost always with his assistance.

Nin has been balancing his work on the project with his recovery. Apparently bouncing back from a massive brain tumor can take time and effort. I’m amazed at his perseverance, because it’s clearly not easy. He’s currently adjusting to Unity’s Mecanim system and massaging out our motion captures. He may migrate from Maya to Modo soon. Definitely more of a natural to animation than I am, that’s for sure.

It’s been a great 2013 for me so far and I owe that to these two guys. =)