Quiet overlap and pipelines, pipelines, pipelines

Awareon development has been progressing. I’ve been quiet here because I’m knee deep in learning new tools and sometimes that takes the same kind of energy I use for writing about our development.

Our switch to Unity3D started a few months back. All three core members of the team have Pro now. We’re adjusting our content pipeline again. I’ve been digging into 3D Coat myself, with the full version, which pretty much wraps up our budget for awhile.

I worry sometimes if the jumping between tools wears down on Nin and Nelg. I’ve been merciless about re-iterating our content pipeline. It’s been important to me, to get the pipeline right (or at least optimal to our abilities), because in the long run I know we’re going to be making content long after the bulk of the code is complete.

So the plan is to get a consistent and pleasing art style, that’s easy to produce and replicate. Locking that down is taking us time and I’m A-okay with that, but damn– It sure will feel nice once we can move forward on making assets that we’ll keep.

I would love to get back to code and gameplay elements, but I’ll talk more about that in my next post, which will be a timeline of our planned milestones.