SparkleShare as automated development versioning

SparkleShare just hit v0.96 and should be 1.0 soon. What is it?

It’s a Dropbox-alike running as a shell ontop of Git. Run your own cloud if you like.

Brilliant really. The last time I glanced in, it was still more concept than reality but now I’m happy to discover it’s quite usable. The interface is even automagically rigged up for using BitBucket, GitHub or Gitorious.

So I’m giving it a go as automated versioning software.

We’ve been using Hg (TortoiseHg) + BitBucket for Awareon but since I’m the only coder on the project, merges have been rare. Less code-centric team members have had to refresh themselves now and again on the cryptic dialect of version control (“what’s commit again and why do I need to push it?”) It’s not that it’s been hard for Nelg or Philip to do, but the process doesn’t stick unless you’re doing it daily.

Now they can just drag and drop in new art files and forget worrying about the particulars after that.

The nice thing about SparkleShare running Git: If we ever decide to flip back to a add->commit->push paradigm, we just switch software. The repository itself stays hosted where it is (although that too, is easy enough to migrate), as it is.

Also, we can always host the repository directly on our own server and not concern ourselves with filesize limits (as we would with Dropbox).