A Mecanim Test

Holy hell. I (Rog) am not the animator on Awareon, but after just a few minutes of fiddling I think Unity3D’s Mecanim system is damn cool.

Char needs some weighting fixes (Nin is on the task already) and Mecanim is completely unaware of her belt rigging, but otherwise it was dead simple to get her working with the included animations from the Mecanim tutorial. You can see some of the errors in the video showing the idle animation (Mecanim default, not our animation).

We have lots of work to do still, but if this is any indication our animation work just got a little bit easier.

Note to Nin: Mecanim expects a neck bone which Char does not have. The rest were auto-detected.

Note to everyone else: This is a work-in-progress and I’m showing it mostly to demonstrate the ease of setting up Mecanim with an imported character. The rest of the graphics here, including the scenery and the robot, are from the Unity tutorial and are not indicative of how our game will appear.