Ultimate FPS Camera?

Among the other tools (mainly ProBuilder) I grabbed from the Unity Asset Store, I also snagged this “Ultimate FPS Camera” on a whim. I figure the mouse-smoothing alone was worth it, but I’ll probably also use it as an entry point for playing with Unity’s physics.

Awareon will still be a 3rd person game of course, but I may try to leverage this into an appropriate camera setup. When I was working with UDK, Epic’s camera controls were one of the things I was most satisfied with and I did a lot of work tweaking the code to my exacting preferences. It was damned near perfect to what I wanted, so it’s going to be difficult to replicate that within Unity. Maybe this tool will give me a headstart on that (or maybe not).

This does tempt me to make a quick FPS though. . . . Must. Resist. The. Urge.

Asset Store link

Browser Demo link