Observing Gameplay

I hope you like being a voyeur. I know I do. I like to observe.

Our 4thWall Awareon core gameplay will consist of two parts: Stealth & Escape. Goals will be observation-driven: Get in, get out; follow and witness; overhear conversations; discover evidence; determine who your allies and enemies are.

Players will be given a lot of free roaming space, so they can explore and observe regardless of any stated goals.

There will be social stealth gameplay as well: Be wary of who’s observing you.

How does this all work? The game maintains a database of everything that the player sees (and hears). Each AI also keeps its own observations list. If they’ve noticed you, they remember you. Persistence is key.

So you’ve got to try to remain a silent observer. At least until you’ve determined which characters you can trust, of which there will be few.

Escape gameplay will be the other half of this coin: They must not find out who you are, or where you live. Don’t get caught and make sure you lose your pursuers somehow. Don’t let them connect you to your workshop, otherwise you might lose something valuable.