Logo and website updates

I was pleased enough with my logo mockups to choose one to replace the 4thWall logo (note: now replaced again with the Awareon logo).

I recreated the logo in Blender from the original mockups. What you see here is a direct render from Marmoset Toolbag, using default shading. It doesn’t even have a material applied. Maybe I’ll get fancier with it later or hand it over to a real artist to purdy it up, but I’m applying one of my development rules: “I put it to use if it’s better than what I had before.” There’s no sense in waiting for perfection.

I’m still considering adding in some x/y/z orientation lines, but I’m also enjoying this ultra-clean version.

On a related note: I’ve been tidying up the 4thWall Awareon website you see here. I switched to a theme easier to customize. I’ve recreated much of the same look-and-feel, but that top floating bar is gone and a bunch of other smaller changes were made. Overall the site should be snappier and work better, especially for mobile users.

I don’t enjoy web-related work these days. Game development drives me so much more. Still, as several people reminded me, the website really needed changes. It still needs additional content, most notably some story-related elements and a clearer description of the game, but those are coming.