Heavy Hats & Pipelines

I’m feeling the weight of so many hats. We’re trying to get our current 4thWall Awareon prototype into some sort of playable state. That’s mostly code-centric, but I’ve pushed myself into environment modelling because I’d like to resolve that content pipeline.

It would probably be wise for us to bring someone else in for environments (modelling & materials), but I’d like to get a clear grasp for myself first. I need to feel the weight of it. Paraphrasing Ira Glass: It’s my taste that’s killer. My fingers need to dip into each pie.

We’re planning to clean up this prototype into a demo release containing core stealth & chase gameplay: A closed or semi-closed alpha is hopefully what we’ll be putting on the table this fall. I’ll caveat: ultimately it’s “ready when it’s ready”.

My take on Indie development: Experimental gameplay or art is a must. We’re not as constrained by risk management, so that’s a significant strength. Experimenting can add complexity to content production though, which could overburden our tiny team. The solution to complexity is to develop streamlined content pipelines: Create a systematic process rather than labouring over the details. Work out the formula for making good, quick art with a small team.

I’m spending a lot of time on the formula for multiple pipelines, but hopefully they come together and then the pay off will click in.