4thWall is now Awareon

Our 4thWall project has changed names to Awareon, effective immediately.

“Amongst the Nor there are two classifications of robots: Automata and Apparata, but now they have created a new kind of robot: The Awareon.”

Why the change? Well we’ve had some concerns over trademark confusion. As I’ve mentioned previously, we’ve considered a name change before. We almost chose Norship, which is the setting for the game, but it didn’t quite fit.

While classifying our robot factions, Awareon came up and it shot to the forefront as a potential name for our entire game. It’s relatively unique, has a hint of foreshadowing– and well– we like it a lot.


Our website has been completely redone with the new branding, with a few more story teasers thrown in to make it worth checking out again. I’ll be rebranding our G+ page today as well.