SketchUp to UDK Volume | BSP

Following up on this topic: Here’s my attempt to make a UDK volume via 3D software (in my case SketchUp. I know! lame, eh?) This worked out better and easier than I expected.

  1. I made an object in SketchUp that I thought might screw up as a UDK brush. I exported that as a T3D (HardPCM’s export plugin). Maya, 3ds Max or any 3D software with a T3D export should work.
  2. In UnrealEd: File –> Import –> Into existing map. And my brush showed up as BSP (but I didn’t build to make it solid).
  3. CTRL-P (Thanks +Joshua Fontany for the suggestion) swapped that BSP brush to my builder brush.
  4. With the brush editing tool, I clicked optimize to clean up the brush (SketchUp creates terrible topology).
  5. The brush can now be added as any volume type, or as BSP geometry. Some shapes / angles may screw up BSP polys though (UDK’s BSP is very low precision and calculates via the CPU instead of the GPU).

For me, this process is much easier than fiddling with the BSP / Brush tools in UnrealEd. Since I’m already creating level meshes in SketchUp, the corresponding volume shapes are a breeze to do with the same tool.