UDK 2012-02-19 09-12-13-78

UI glass test #1

After several false starts and trips back to the drawing board, I’ve had a breakthrough in my UI tests.

It was a discussion with Nin last night that cracked it, where we tossed away a RenderToTexture overlay test due to performance issues. I was about to fall back to either a 2D Canvas interface or even concede to Scaleform (which would have meant enlisting a Flash artist) when we decided to give our original in-world mesh concept another try, only without the candy-coloured textures I’d used before.

The results you see here are a pause screen with a glass motif. I think the distortion on the bevelled edges really sells it. The glass pane is actually a 3D mesh in world-space within the game, but unlit, without collision and its draw-order set to foreground / UI.

I’m really pleased with this proof-of-concept and I’ll be doing all of the menus & HUD using these methods and this glass theme.