3rd person camera

I’m working on our camera & related controls.

It feels great to have learned enough of UDK & UnrealScript to get my hands dirty and actually make something now. It feels even better to be able to create my idea of the perfect 3rd-person camera exactly how I’d like it to work, without feeling like I’ve just hacked something into a usable state.

In theory I wasn’t supposed to be the primary coder on this project, but I also knew as the only full-time member of the team that when it came to prototyping it would probably be me or no one else at all. My code skills are only middling, but I’m a stubborn bastard and I intend to get it done. And get it done right– okay, maybe right-ish.

Nin is also making good progress on test characters & rigging, so if we can stay productive maybe we’ll have something to actually show soon.

Slowly but surely. Good thing I’m damn patient. I hope you folks, our potential audience, are patient too. ;)

I’ll be posting a dev video highlighting the camera system soon, after our initial 4thWall Awareon intro video (sometime this week).