Security (turnaround)

Security Officer (concept art)

Here’s another piece of concept art for public consumption. I’ve included the full model sheet this time.

Meet the Security Officer, which represents the main antagonist type at the beginning of the 4thWall story & gameplay. These are the guards which the player must avoid during stealth gameplay. They are members of the “Caretakers” faction.

The black & white representation here is a little deceptive, because the end results will be more a collection of greys and blues/cyan. The helmets worn by these mobs will be semi-transparent, with heavy tints and only a hint of face beneath. The circles on the helmet will also be much more subtle.

While the Security Officers almost appear robotic, in truth they are armoured humans. In fact, most of them are “Normists”, which in terms of our storyline means they believe in the sanctity of a pure human form and find humanoid robotics and cybernetics highly distasteful. That puts them in direct opposition to our player-character, who is progressing via cybernetics.

Again, our concept art is the work of freelance artist John Amor. I recommend John. He’s quick, friendly and professional. I think his work speaks for itself. You can find his website here: