Char AO bake

I love ambient occlusion bakes. They look so fresh, like the first snow of winter.

This bake makes Char’s eyes look creepy, but I rather like it. This is just a preview and our 3D artist points out that it needs lots of touching up. There’s enough charm in this image though, that I couldn’t resist sharing it.

If you’re curious about why I’m always showing her backside as well as her front, it’s because 4thWall Awareon will be played in third-person. That’s the side of her that players will see most often.

Edit note: This is the low-poly (~13k polys) version of Char that will be the model used in-game, compared to the high-poly sculpts (~ 2 million polys) shown previously. The AO bake is from the high-poly, projected here onto the low-poly as a texture. Rendered for this image with Marmoset.