Colour Scheme v1

Our colour scheme for Awareon may give you a little insight into our storyline for the game, or at least the 3 main factions that the storyline will follow.

**mild spoilers below**


The Engineers are the largest faction and could be considered the proles, or working class faction. As you can expect from their designation, they are responsible for keeping things running aboard the Norship. Engineering decks (and sometimes clothing) are marked with a red-ochre, representing the rust of areas in need of repair.


The Caretakers are the next largest faction and about a third of the Nor population overall. At one time, they were mainly keepers of the gardens of the Norship, but now they cover Security duties as much as gardening. Caretakers wear uniforms that are teal in colour, but the force-fields that the Security forces use are a more direct blue.


The Administrators operate as the Nor’s governing body and as such they are the smallest population. The Administrative quarters and offices are often made using an adobe-like clay, so this colour indicates their status.