All Art is Theft

Someone asked me if I was ever worried about theft of my design ideas. I used to be. It took me a long while to realize that ideas were common and implementation is hard, but still that’s not the full answer.

I think the concept of theft of ideas is bogus. Or perhaps “All Art is Theft”.

I’m not sure when I came to that conclusion, it was recently for sure. Smarter people than I have come to similar thoughts much sooner (the quote is from Picasso I believe).

I’m willing to put my team’s work to the test too. After 4thWall Awareon reaches its next prototype stage, we will release it, warts and all. And we will continue to release, as we make the game. It will be rough, it will be messy and eventually it will come together. Anyone who feels like trying it will be able to. Critique it before it’s finished.

Steal it even. Okay not our art assets, our code, or our characters– Steal the design.

Everyone will be free to look at what we make and if you can take our ideas and make them better or just different, or even ~gasp~ a clone of our game (providing your own art assets of course)– then I would be happy to play what you come up with.

Because taking ideas is not really theft.