Development on hold

Awareon development is currently on hold.

Rog’s time and energy is with other projects. Nelg and Nin have been too busy with other aspects of their lives.

Awareon may return. Much of the lore / storyline is being used within other works.··· Read this post >>

Real-time, IBL and PBR

I’m close to committing myself to real-time lighting + shadows for the Awareon project. Using IBL (image-based lighting = cubemaps) for ambient lighting has been the breakthrough I needed.

Real-time lighting feels great. It’s more interactive, more playful.

There’s··· Read this post >>

Twitch streaming

Our graphical pipeline for the Awareon project now revolves around a handful of tools: ProBuilder for level geometry, nDo2 for texture “painting”, dDo for specular + gloss and Shader Forge for custom shaders + materials.

The idea here is to keep things clean and not get too ··· Read this post >>


dDo and Char and me

I’m just playing around in dDo, trying out some alternate textures & materials for our Char character. These are some default colours from the software that work out quite nicely, giving her a jeans & t-shirt sort of look. Once I get accustomed to the software I’ll··· Read this post >>

That 2nd Whiteboard moment

My 2nd whiteboard is now up. I was writing notes on it before I even mounted it to the wall.

In other news, it’s not the only new tool of development that I’m having a nerdgasm over. nDo2, dDo, ProBuilder 2.2. I’m also considering Marmoset’s Skyshop.

Plus Nelg is dipping··· Read this post >>

Hacking together a Network Model

First serious networking test = grand success.

Second network test = monumental failure leading to scrapping the design planned from the first test.

Unity’s physics and player-controller systems rely on simulations in the engine. That’s fine for networking a game where··· Read this post >>

Embracing the complexity

Oh hey, an _Awareon_ project update. =)

I’m back to a hella productive state, after an awkward year for our little dev team. Aside from different medical issues with both Nin and myself, there’s been that whole Life thing. Yeah, that “Because, Life” Indie cliche.··· Read this post >>

The name of the game

··· Read this post >>

Timelapse test

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MouseY tip

I’ve handed over character controls over to Nin for a bit. While I wait for him to reach a state when I can merge his animation-related work back in, I’m working with a simplified non-animated placeholder so I can clearly see how shadows will cast on the character.

Here’s··· Read this post >>

Fiddly bits and SourceTree

I’m messing with project management fiddly bits when I want to be digging back into code. I always underestimate all these extra little tasks.

I’m giving SourceTree a whirl. The rest of the team accesses our project files via SparkleShare, which happily uses Git under the hood.··· Read this post >>

A .plan

Back in the late 90′s at Electric Playground, I’d start my Mondays with my tea + bagel and I’d catch up on the various .plan files from developers at id Software, Hipnotic / Ritual, etc.. The .plans were usually short work logs of folks who were just making things. The coolest··· Read this post >>